Freestanding Vanity

Most of our vanities provide the following option :

1. Glass door or solid door

2 Left hand side or right hand side drawer

3. Finger-pull, Chrome rail handle or Chrome square handle

4. Kickboard or round/square adjustable aluminium alloy legs

5. Multiple option of matching top basin

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Vali Series Vanity UV47-900G
Vali Series Vanity UV47-900G 2 glass doors & 2 right drawers Vanity with round ..
Vali Series Vanity UV47-900W
Vali Series Vanity UV47-900W 2 solid doors & 2 right hand drawers Vanity with r..
YOKO Series Vanity
YOKO-600/750/900W-CM Wall-Hung finger pull vanity with 2 soft-closing drawers (Avail..
YOKO Series Vanity YOKO-1200W
YOKO-1200W-CM Wall-Hung finger pull vanity with 2 soft-closing drawers & 1 ..
ZARA Freestanding Vanity
ZARA Finger pull vanity with 2 soft-closing drawers on kicker High gloss ..
ZARA Freestanding Vanity
ZARA-1200W Chrome Finger pull vanity with 2+2 soft-closing drawers on kicker ..
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